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Shop Manuals
Probably the best resource your could have.  I have all of the manuals covering general mechanical repair ($33.00), Wiring Diagram ($8.00), Electrical Trouble Shooting ($20.00), Engine Overhaul Manual ($8.00), Automatic Transmission Overhaul Manual ($8.00), Transfer Case Overhaul Manual ($8.00), and Body Manaual ($20.00).  get them from Dyment Distribution Services 800-890-4038.

Jeep owner's Bible by Moses Ludel
While a great book I didn't get as much information as other resources. Worthwhile having but it does cover a rather broad range of Jeeps so specific information for any one Jeep is limited.

Jeep 4x4 Performance Handbook
This has got to be the best 'bible' for building up jeeps. Very good and basic explanations for upgrades and accessories. Woudl reccomend this after the shop manuals.

Haynes Jeep Wrangler Repair Manual
Works perfectly for me - covers Jeeps '87-94 so my FI upgrade is also included. This is the one I keep under the rear seat.